You aren’t invisible to us

January 25, 2021

Have you ever felt completely ignored? Invisible, maybe? It’s a lonely and utterly defeating feeling, isn’t it?

Now imagine how you would feel after you’ve saved up for a home, only to find out that most lenders can’t even see you because the credit score model they are required to use considers you a “credit invisible.”

Well, at VantageScore Solutions, we don’t. We see you clearly.

At VantageScore, we are proud to offer models that are both predictive and
inclusive. The VantageScore 4.0 model, our latest innovation launched a few years ago, accurately evaluates approximately 40 million more consumers
than legacy models are able to score – without compromising predictiveness. In fact, according to the latest U.S. Census information, there are approximately 252 million consumers in the United States over the age of 18. VantageScore’s credit scoring models accurately provide a credit score to 96% of them.

With this capability, the VantageScore model plays a vital role in making credit more accessible to creditworthy consumers – without lowering risk standards – while creating a corresponding opportunity for lenders.

This innovation further bridges the gap between access to mainstream credit and those consumers without deep credit histories (who have traditionally been excluded from lenders’ automated underwriting systems and/or are otherwise relegated to predatory lending products).

With a new administration, we hope the marketplace wakes up to the fact that the use of outdated and unnecessarily exclusive credit scoring models is bad for business and bad for consumers.

Included below is a demographic and geographic breakdown of these 40 million newly scoreable consumers.

We can do better than calling these consumers “invisible.” If we can see them, shouldn’t everybody?

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Percentage of consumers in each state who are newly scoreable by VantageScore models

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