Why VantageScore

Using the VantageScore model for mortgage originations offers significant benefits to consumers and lenders. The model is highly predictive, more consistent and can score a larger number of consumers than other commonly used scoring models.

As the U.S. population changes and their borrowing behaviors change, VantageScore is able to better assist lenders in identifying risk and helping them grow their businesses while encouraging sustainable homeownership opportunities for consumers.

Highly Predictive

VantageScore models are routinely tested for performance by VantageScore Solutions and, more importantly, by the more than 2,200 regulated financial institutions that use them. More than 10.5 billion VantageScore credit scores were used between July 2017–June 2018. Our publicly available annual assessment results confirm that our models perform and are highly accurate.

Demonstrating the predictive performance improvement, there is nearly an identical alignment of default rates between those with unconventional credit histories and those who have conventional credit behaviors in the first year of a new account.

Scoreband Days past due Profile Default rate after 12 months
600–619 30 DPD Unconventional 9.3%
Conventional 10.7%
60 DPD Unconventional 6.1%
Conventional 6.2%
90 DPD Unconventional 4.8%
Conventional 4.6%
620–639 30 DPD Unconventional 7.4%
Conventional 8.6%
60 DPD Unconventional 4.5%
Conventional 4.7%
90 DPD Unconventional 3.6%
Conventional 3.4%

More Consistent

The three scores provided in a tri-merge credit report have less variance, limiting risk the uncertainty that occurs when credit scores differ significantly from one bureau to the next.

More Inclusive

The VantageScore models score approximately 40 million more consumers than legacy models. To see the demographic breakdown of these consumers, click here.



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