Accelerate Lending and Member Engagement with VantageScore

Accelerate Portfolio Growth

VantageScore helps credit unions recruit more members and offer more loans.
  • Scores More People

    In some areas as many of one in three consumers lack a conventional credit score but are scoreable with VantageScore.

  • Highly Predictive

    VantageScore delivers superior predictive accuracy among prime and near-prime consumers as well as those with lower scores. That performance increase boosts lenders’ ability to assess portfolio risks.

Drive Financial Inclusion

By providing a fair and accurate credit score to a broader population, VantageScore creates opportunities for lenders to extend credit safely and soundly to consumers historically underserved by legacy processes.
  • Scores approximately 96% of U.S. adults including 37 million that conventional models ignore.

  • Credit equality for approximately 13 million minority consumers.

What’s the Average Credit Score in Your State?

Member Education

VantageScore is provided to members for free along with educational materials as a member benefit. By engaging with members, credit unions establish trust and build loyalty.
  • 3 billion VantageScore credit scores provided to consumers in a 12-month period.

  • Credit education tools including estimators, simulators and other helpful information are provided.

Credit Union Adoption Surges
29 of the top 100 credit unions, as well as many smaller credit unions, have upgraded to VantageScore.