The Credit Card Industry & VantageScore

Uncover more credit-worthy borrowers with your secret weapon

Credit card issuers used over 4 billion VantageScore credit scores between July 2018 - June 2019
VantageScore 4.0 is a major strategic asset for credit card issuers, making use of credit scoring models throughout the entire customer life cycle – from prospecting to origination, account management, and loss prevention and recovery.
The mathematical underpinnings of the VantageScore platform allow credit card issuers to manage and assess their portfolios and to assess credit card holders’ creditworthiness with more confidence because VantageScore 4.0 can:
  • Better predict the likelihood of future serious delinquencies on any type of account, allowing credit card issuers to make better credit decisions.

  • Generate credit scores that are more consistent across the CRCs – regardless of which one provides the score – so that score variations are minimal and those differences can be attributed solely to differences in a consumer’s credit file information.

  • VantageScore provides credit scores for approximately 37 million previously “unscoreable” consumers.

  • Produce scores that are more stable across fluctuations in the market and consumer spending habits.

Credit Card Industry Performance

The VantageScore model pairs industry-leading analytics with trended credit data from consumers’ credit histories to create the most predictive, consistent and stable credit scoring model ever.

Specific to the credit card industry, the VantageScore 4.0 model provides a 3.1% performance improvement in account management and 2.3% lift in originations over a benchmark CRC credit score model.

It also delivers credit scores that are:

More Predictive

The VantageScore model delivers superior predictive accuracy among Prime and Near-Prime consumers, typically the most desirable segment for any lender. That superior performance boosts lenders’ ability to assess potential portfolio risks.

More Consistent

The first true tri-bureau model produces closely aligned risk assessments when pulling scores from multiple CRCs. This assures lenders get a more consistent picture of a consumer’s credit payment behavior, regardless of which CRC provides the score.

More Inclusive

The VantageScore 4.0 model can score approximately 37 million more people than other commercially available models because it can analyze consumers with no credit activity within the past six months without sacrificing predictiveness. This includes millions of creditworthy people who previously have been unable to get a score and have therefore faced challenges when seeking credit.

More Consumer-Friendly

The number of reason codes associated with the VantageScore model has been cut by nearly half, with each one re-written in clear, easy-to-understand language. Consumers have received billions of VantageScores for free via credit monitoring websites and applications.

More Versatile

Each scorecard is optimized to provide maximum performance for origination and account management requirements.