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For credit card issuers, an advanced credit scoring tool, such as the VantageScore 3.0 model, can be a major strategic asset. 

The card industry makes use of credit scoring models through the entire customer life cycle, from prospecting to origination, account management, and loss prevention and recovery. What’s more, the card segment is fiercely competitive, with rival issuers vying for consumer attention, loyalty, and share of wallet. A measurement tool that helps uncover more creditworthy borrowers — including many the competition can’t find — is a powerful tool for card-industry players. The VantageScore credit scoring model is just such a “secret weapon.”

The VantageScore 3.0 model can score the same population your competitors target with their offers but with greater precision thanks to innovative segmentation techniques. It also can identify and generate scores for an additional 30–35 million* consumers who are “invisible” to your competitors’ conventional credit scoring models. Many of these overlooked consumers are highly creditworthy and offer tremendous opportunity for portfolio growth.

VantageScore technology offers unique benefits for every stage of the issuer’s relationship with its customer and for every team within the issuer organization. The insights and informational resources in the sections below will explain the VantageScore advantage for you, no matter what role you play in the organization.


* Reduction in public records and collection trade lines in consumers’ files will cause the number of consumers who would be newly scoreable using the VantageScore credit scoring model to decline.

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